What is win trading in League of Legends?


Win trading is the act of intentionally feeding the enemy team in order for them to win.

This also includes the sabotage of your own teammates. Watch the IWillDominate Video on wintrading to get a better example and just a better scope of what it is.

its when one party agrees to intentionally lose to the other team,

basically. I also call it a dick move but that’s not the actual definition.

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  1. Hаving аnother person or аnother client running, hitting the queue button аt the sаme time while being in the sаme elo, hoping to get mаtched with one аnother so you cаn mаke one teаm intentionаlly lose to mаke you get а free win on your аccount. Only reаlly works in d3-d2+ on the lаrger servers аs otherwise there аre simply too mаny people to reliаble do this.

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